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WhatsApp Flow for event registration

Why WhatsApp? Here's the magic:

  • Unmatched Open Rates: Ditch those emails languishing in inboxes. WhatsApp boasts over 90% open rates, guaranteeing your message gets seen.

  • Conversational Magic: Two-way communication allows you to answer questions, personalize details, and create a genuine connection with attendees.

  • Convenience Reigns: No downloads, no logins, just effortless registration within their familiar app.

Building Your Flowing Masterpiece:

1. Hook & Welcome:

  • Grab attention: Start with a compelling message highlighting the event's value proposition. Think exclusive access, limited spots, or early bird offers.

  • Set expectations: Briefly explain the flow's purpose and how they can opt-out (transparency is key!).

  • Personalize: Greet attendees by name if possible, making them feel valued from the start.

2. Information Station:

  • Collect essentials: Ask for required information like name, email, and any dietary restrictions using clear, concise questions.

  • Offer choices: If the event has multiple sessions or tracks, allow attendees to choose during registration.

  • Keep it mobile-friendly: Short questions and multiple-choice options ensure a smooth experience on mobile devices.

3. Confirmation & Delight:

  • Send a confirmation message: Include key details like date, time, venue, and any important reminders.

  • Share excitement: Add a short video or image showcasing the event highlights, building anticipation.

  • Offer support: Provide a direct link to FAQs or a contact person for any questions.

Bonus Tips:

  • Spice it up with visuals: Images, videos, and emojis keep the flow engaging and visually appealing.

  • Automate responses: Set up auto-replies for common questions to save time and effort.

  • Test and refine: Continuously test and optimize your flow for maximum efficiency and user satisfaction.

Ready to streamline your event registration and impress your attendees? 

Buckle up as we dive into:

The MVPs:

  • Many Chat: Powerful and versatile, Many Chat boasts intuitive flow building, advanced features like payment integration, and seamless CRM connections. Ideal for complex events with varied needs.

  • Land bot: User-friendly interface and pre-built templates make Land bot perfect for beginners. Their AI chatbot capabilities add a touch of interactivity to your registration process.

  • Active Campaign: This marketing automation giant integrates seamlessly with their CRM, allowing you to manage registrations and nurture leads simultaneously. Great for businesses already using Active Campaign.

The Strong Contenders:

  • What's Dialog: Known for its affordability and ease of use, What's Dialog is a solid choice for basic event registration flows.

  • Chat layer: Offers chatbots and live chat options, giving you flexibility in your communication approach.

  • Capot: Another budget-friendly option with multilingual support and basic flow building tools.

The Niche Specialists:

  • Event bot: Tailored specifically for event registration, Event bot offers features like waitlist management and automated reminders.

  • What's good: Designed for small businesses and social events, What's good focuses on simplicity and affordability.

Boost Convenience and Accessibility:

  • Effortless Registration: Say goodbye to complicated websites and downloads. With WhatsApp, attendees register directly within their familiar app, making the process quick and easy.

  • High Open Rates: Forget emails lost in inboxes. WhatsApp boasts over 90% open rates, ensuring your registration message gets seen and acted upon.

  • Global Reach: WhatsApp's massive user base means you can easily reach attendees worldwide, even in areas with limited internet access.

Enhance Communication and Engagement:

  • Two-Way Conversation: Unlike static forms, WhatsApp fosters real-time communication. Answer questions, clarify details, and build a personal connection with each attendee.

  • Interactive Elements: Use images, videos, and even emojis to create a visually appealing and engaging flow, keeping attendees interested and excited.

Streamline Management and Data Collection:

  • Automated Responses: Set up auto-replies for frequently asked questions, freeing your time for more strategic tasks.

  • Real-Time Data: Collect accurate and complete information instantly, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

  • Analytics and Insights: Track flow performance, measure results, and gain valuable insights to continuously improve your registration process.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduced Registration Costs: Eliminate website hosting and form development expenses, making WhatsApp a cost-effective solution.

  • Increased Attendance: The ease and accessibility of WhatsApp registration can encourage more people to sign up, boosting your event's success.

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