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Cookies are used by our WhatsApp bot to enhance user experience and customise content. When you visit our website or use our bot, a little text file called a biscuit is downloaded to your computer or other device. They assist us in keeping track of your preferences and enable us to improve our services.

Session cookies and permanent cookies are the two types of cookies we use. Temporary cookies known as session cookies are erased when your browser is closed. They are employed to keep track of your session data and make certain website features functional. On the other hand, persistent cookies stay on your device even after you exit your browser. They help us customise our content and services by keeping track of your choices.

In addition to cookies, we may also use other technologies to gather data about your device and usage habits, including web beacons, pixel tags, and similar tools. Your IP address, browser type, operating system, and other technical information may be included in this data. We study user behaviour and use this data to make our services better.

By changing your browser's options, you can control your biscuit choices. Please be aware, though, that deactivating cookies may have an impact on how well our website and bot perform. You agree to the use of cookies and other similar technologies as set forth in this policy by using our website and bot.

Cookie Policy

We are devoted to safeguarding your personal information and take your privacy seriously. Please see our privacy policy page for additional information about how we collect, handle, and safeguard your information.

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