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User Guide 

Employer user guide


  • Please type your message. If you wish to share images or videos, feel free to broadcast them.

Leave Approval

  • You can Approve or disapprove requests for leave.


  • Use this number to Signup : 9082406664

Add Employee

  • Once you signup, Share contact numbers directly using Attachment.

Report Tracking For Owners


AttendanceBot will generate a summary of attendance data for the entire month, making it easy for you to track attendance trends and identify areas that may need improvement.

Report Tracking For Employees



AttendanceBot will promptly compile a list of all the individuals who were present, absent, and any marked exceptions for the current day.

Our Attendance WhatsApp Bot, designed to make your work-life easier and more enjoyable. With this bot, you will receive alerts about birthdays and holidays, ensuring that you stay connected and well-informed.



This bot will notify both you and the owner about upcoming workplace birthdays.


This bot will keep you updated on upcoming holidays, helping you plan your work schedule effectively.

Absentee Notifications

If a user fails to check in for a day or shift, the bot can send an absence notification to the user and possibly their supervisor.

Unusual Activity Warnings

Users can be alerted if the system detects unusual attendance patterns, such as checking in from a location significantly different from their usual one.

attendance whatsapp chatbot

Send Location to Setup Geo Location Place

Setup Steps

  • The Attendance Bot is a user-friendly tool designed to simplify the attendance process for our employees. It allows you to mark your daily attendance, request leave, access HR resources, and more, all through a messaging platform like WhatsApp.

  • Yes, your attendance data is securely recorded and integrated with Google Sheets to ensure accuracy and data integrity. It is accessible only to authorized personnel.

  • Yes, the bot can provide quick answers to common HR-related questions, such as attendance policies and leave balances. Simply ask your question, and it will assist you promptly.


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